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Bomber Cain Hassan



In his desert town, Morroc, he was a Thief that stole to live. One day, he
met a girl named Layla begging in the streets. This is the day that he
began to start a friendship. Everyday, he stole from the market vendors
and gave what he stole to Layla. But as he did, Layla refused to take
such stolen things. Cain then told her to become a thief like him by going
to the Thief Guild inside the pyramids. Layla hesitated but realized that
she did not want to beg in the streets her whole life and gave in to become
a thief. A few years later, Cain wanted to become an Assassin. Layla
thought Cain was going to abandon her. Cain promised Layla that he
would come back once he became an assassin. Cain then went to the
Assassin guild and became an Assassin. But afterwards, Morroc got
invaded by Satan Morroc. Cain could not find Layla anywhere in Morroc.
He thought that Layla was killed by the incarnates. He ran away from Morroc
just to escape his broken promise.

He is very quiet as if he never talks. He is often quite grumpy.
This is the character profile for Bomber Cain for my comic "Fire At Will".

He is one of the characters I am quite fond of. He has that mysterious side and a past to run away from. In the story, he is going to be an Assassin Cross. I will focus on him as well as his past in the future.
Yeah... I am not that quite well in drawing grown-ups now am I...

Cain Bomber ©Kaolyne
Highwind017 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Why would a assassin be called Bomber?
Kaolyne Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2010  Student General Artist
That is actually a good question.
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April 14, 2010
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